It’s time to make my own path

Someone once told me that long grass in fields flattened by walkers over many months and years are called ‘desire lines’. I liked that (I hadn’t heard it before).

Faced with a blank canvas and no path, they created one.

Right now I’m stood at the entrance to a field with long, lush grass, swaying in the breeze. Well, I’ve taken a few steps in. Now I’m going to make my own path (let’s ignore the bit where I’ll then unceremoniously flatten the grass – it’ll spoil the atmosphere).

Aware that this possibly makes me sound a bit pretentious, I’ll move on (I was just desperately scratching around to find an analogy that fits my current situation).

Although I had many unanswered questions, I’d made the big decision to go freelance. There was so much I didn’t know about making the move, yet I’d committed to it. But ultimately it was based around the simple fact that it was right thing to do, for me, at this time.

I’m in the embryonic stages of freelancing, and there’s loads of work to do before I even start doing the work that pays the bills. The best bit of advice I received from other freelancers was to blog about my experience – so that’s what I’m doing!

I felt it important to have a blog on my website. It’s a largely static site that holds examples of my work, so it needed a little injection of fresh content – as every website does – to make it interesting, entertaining and useful.

Plus, it helps your Google search ranking and all that.

So, this is life as a freelancer. A lot of people have been asking me how it feels, and the best way I can sum it up is exciting and daunting in equal measure.

There are huge benefits to working as a freelancer – extra time at home, flexible working hours, the potential to earn more than what you were on. But I already miss the little things, like the sound and general buzz you get from working in a creative space – and colleagues. House cats don’t count.

This will all be remedied in time, so for now I’m focusing on uploading more of my work to this site – oh, and marketing myself! Can’t forget to do that…