It’s time to Vine down

Vine is gone. There’s a part of me that may never get over this. I’m devastated. I need some milk.

I remember when the app first popped up, around four years ago. It was like Twitter, but for video. Six seconds to create something? Go on, I’ll have some of that!

I’ll happily admit that I wasn’t the best viner, but then I’ve always been better at words. Six seconds wasn’t long at all to record something worthwhile or amusing, but there were people out there who turned it into an art form.

They had me laughing to the point where my eyes would sting because I’d cried all the water out of my face.

Feeling unable to compete with such standards, Vine became more of a viewing platform for me – although that didn’t stop me creating 92 vines in my time.

I’d spend many evenings scrolling through vines and creating a list of my favourites. Now that list has gone, and I feel like I’ve lost a part of me.

It’s like when you’ve worked on something really hard, and your computer crashes. You know that you’ll never be able to retrieve what you once had.

I’ve been too devastated to really understand why Vine had to destroy the community it created, but I think it’s fair to say that the channel was never really adopted by brands (although the likes of Dunkin Donuts and Airbnb showed what was possible).

Unfortunately I can’t link to some of my favourite vines because they’re no longer available, so I’ve decided to leave you with this…

Rich’s Top 10 Most Viewed Vines

The number of views (or loops) I achieved with my vines were, on the whole, pathetic. Let me just say that now.

But for what it’s worth, here are my Top 10, in reverse order:

  1. The Arsene Shuffle (756 loops)

Arsenal’s manager attempts some crotch rearrangement during a live televised game. I think he was pulling his pants up, but through the pockets of his trousers.

  1. Suitcase Cat (841 loops)

I don’t do impressions, but that didn’t stop me attempting to become Sir David Attenborough one afternoon when I had nothing better to do, and the cat was misbehaving on top of the cupboard.

  1. Face Flick (849 loops)

I used some of Simon Pegg’s dialogue in Big Train to my advantage. It’s not even particularly clever, but it somehow makes it into my Top 10.

  1. Virgo Innuendo (902 loops)

Every sport is full of innuendo – but like the child that never grew up, I couldn’t help but giggle when the Trick Shot Master revealed that he preferred the brown to the pink.

  1. The Balloon Headbutt (988 loops)

This is a rather silly one from the early days – a tribute to Jackass. It was my most popular vine for a long time (but that’s not saying much).

  1. Haribo Tease (1,056 loops)

I’m very pleased with this one. Sadly it took about four attempts to get right, but there was a palpable sense of achievement (and a possible fist punch) when it broke the 1,000 loops barrier.

  1. Grotty Little Man (2,032 loops)

The one that required the least thought and effort pings straight in at four. My thanks go out to John Cleese, and this actor:

  1. JML Smiles (3,407 loops)

Making cheesy adverts cheesier. I was hoping someone would give me a call to help sell an ironing board with my smile, but the call never came.

  1. Dickie Davies On Fire (5,683 loops)

One for the football fans! Dickie Davies makes a right hash of whatever he was trying to say. Don’t ask why I happened to have a headset handy, though.

  1. Derby County (51,010 loops)

Would you look at those loops! Ten times better than my runner-up – and a very niche vine too. It was a tribute to a football sketch in The Armando Iannucci Shows.

And Armando Iannucci re-vining it was probably the thing that made this my most popular vine of all.

What were your memories of Vine? Let me know in the comments below!