Arco – social campaigns

Arco’s mission is to keep people safe at work – and one of the ways they do that is to run social media campaigns raising awareness of the many dangers of working in the construction industry.

The brief

To write short and powerful messages for a suite of ’tiles’ that can be viewed and shared on social media.

I wrote between six and ten social tiles for each campaign using available data and statistics on the subject – like injuries caused by vehicles:

Arco social tile 1

The ‘Get Winter Ready’ campaign:

Arco social tile 2

Staying protected while working in the sun:

Arco social tile 3

Raising awareness of the norovirus:

Arco social tile 4

The ‘Be safe, be seen’ hi-viz campaign:

Arco social tile 6

Product innovations like the new Household Grip Glove:

Arco social tile 5

And their partnership with DuPont™ to develop fabric technology:

Arco social media tile 7

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