RAM Tracking

The brief

RAM Tracking wanted tightly written web copy that described the benefits of their GPS tracking systems to fleet managers.

The thinking

There was a lot of content to work with, but by understanding what matters most to fleet managers (control, safety, cost, efficiency and time) I wrote a clear and concise introduction to how RAM Tracking would benefit business fleets.

The copy

Industry-Leading Vehicle Tracking

Features rich technology that lets you monitor where, when and how your company vehicles are being driven in real time.

Award winning tracking from the industry leader

RAM Tracking gives you complete control over the performance of your fleet.

Our innovative technology allows you to see exactly where, when and how your company vehicles are being driven with real time status alerts. It lets you find and send the nearest vehicle to a job, and interactive reports enable you to plan the most cost efficient routes to reduce CO2 emissions and save time.

Our award winning software includes detailed mileage reports, automated timesheets and a unique graphical timeline so you can identify patterns and anomalies quickly and easily. It’s all the information you need to increase workforce productivity, reduce fuel costs and deliver a high quality service to customers – while enjoying a clear return on investment.

Download our brochure to explore the full range of features and how we’re helping more than 3,000 customers manage the performance of their vehicles.

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