Showcase Cinemas

To support Showcase Cinema’s digital strategy I created the content and designed the mechanic for an interactive quiz that film fans could take – and share.

The brief

On the back of some social marketing research, Showcase wanted a quiz that focused on the Box Office.

The thinking

Box Office Mojo was my first port of call. After collecting enough data for over 40 questions I created a mechanic that would give participants a score and a summary of their Box Office knowledge.

For this to work, all questions needed multiple-choice answers – which could be added up to generate a score.

I wrote all copy – from the social messages encouraging players to take the quiz, to the copy in the quiz itself (including the multiple descriptions that players could get, depending on how they performed).

The result

Take the Big Box Office Quiz to see for yourself!

This was a really enjoyable project to work on. I had previously written blogs for Showcase as part of their digital strategy – and here I got to work side by side with designers and developers to bring the quiz to life.

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