The Cat’s Pyjamas

Indian street food was about to arrive in Headingley, Leeds, for the very first time – and the venture needed an identity.

The brief

To come up with a unique name for this new restaurant – one that would evoke colour and celebration, and stay true to its Indian heritage.

If it could be quirky, to appeal to the local student population, then all the better!

The Thinking

With a nice, open and exciting brief like this, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Since my university days I’ve been fascinated by etymology, and so that’s where I began. I researched and wrote up a list of everyday words that have their origins in India, and took inspiration from that.

Visually, the word ‘pyjamas’ has always stood out – maybe it’s the unusual consonant cluster of ‘pyj’ that we don’t see in any other word that makes it so instantly identifiable.

The delivery

The Cat’s Pyjamas – an English idiom that means ‘someone or something that is wonderful or remarkable’.

The ‘cat’ allowed designs to make great use of a Bengal Tiger – India’s most treasured animal.

It just seemed the perfect fit.

And from the six or seven alternative ideas I suggested, the client took very little time in deciding that The Cat’s Pyjamas was the one they were looking for.

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