University of York

The brief

The Department of Politics wanted to create exciting but succinct course introductions for their new website to entice high-achieving graduates to study for a Master’s degree at York.

I wrote six course introductions – here are two of them. They needed to appeal to people who feel passionate about making a tangible difference in the world.

The copy

Masters in International Relations

Get to the root of world politics through the events that define our international environment.

Course description

There has never been a more exciting time to study world politics. The refugee crisis, epidemics like Ebola, terrorism, international conflict and nuclear tensions are just some of the issues that highlight how important International Relations is, and how it affects the lives of billions.

This course will enable you to understand contemporary international events, their causes and repercussions in great depth, through theoretical debates – and how these debates resonate in distinct issue areas and contexts.

What you study

Advance your study using core theoretical frameworks to explore a diverse choice of international topics that are creating new ways of thinking, relating and living.

From a broad range of option modules you’ll have the opportunity to focus on and develop expertise in the areas that you feel most passionate about.

Masters in Public Administration (International Development)

Examine the international environments that affect how public policies are delivered in developing counties.

Course description

Alongside world-leading academics you’ll build up a set of sought-after skills that will benefit the most ambitious of practitioners in development related contexts. From leadership and strategy to performance and human resource – you’ll be able to dissect problems and provide solutions that make a difference.

By engaging with issues such as good governance and sustainable development, you’ll gain the theory and the knowledge to open up new career opportunities and become a positive influence in the field.

What you study

Using specific examples from developing countries and conflict areas, you’ll analyse the way governance, finance and strategic planning affect the creation and management of policies.

A cluster of core modules focuses on the theories of development and policy-making in countries that constantly face the challenges that change brings. You’ll gain the knowledge that will empower you to lead and manage that change.

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